Poetry Tag is bouncy, it wags, it dips, and it snorts. What joy. Most of all what works for me is the friendly banter, one poet to the next...I can't wait to start again at the beginning and read it through.


                                      Richard C. Owen


In the engaging poems of PoetryTagTime children will discover just how amazing and magical words can be. Delighted young listeners, readers and writers will surely rush to join the poets at play with words.

                                      Glenna Sloan

                                      Give Them Poetry

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[T]he organizing principle of the book is neat, with each poet "tagging" the next to write a poem which in some way links to his or her own. Fun and cheap: 99¢! The poems are light and lively, and I'm glad to report that the line-breaks remain sacrosanct no matter how you mess with the font size.

                                    Roger Sutton

                                    Read Roger

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What a wonderful way for teenagers to encounter poetry; and the interactive nature of the e-book invites readers to explore each poet’s work more deeply.


                                    Marjorie Coughlan


What a variety of voices and subjects! And at $2.99 for the Kindle e-book, you really can't beat the price. Poetry is one of the few things small enough for me to read on my phone, and I've read some great poems this week while standing in line at the post office, waiting for my daughter at a doctor's appointment, etc. I hope you'll give p*tag a try!

                                 Laura Purdie Salas

[A] collection of poetry that simply: YOU. MUST. HAVE. . . . The results are spectacular. Here is an eBook worthy of classroom use with plenty of teen appeal. Plus, it is perfect for reading aloud as well.


                    Teri Lesesne

                    The Goddess of YA Literature